Cynthea Gregory

Children’s Picture Book

‘Beni and the Bananas’, written and illustrated by Cynthea Gregory

A children’s picture book suitable for 3 to 6-year-olds.

Beni, a young orangutan, just loves eating bananas. He doesn’t care about his Mum’s advice not to eat too many. He sneaks off, into the rainforest, determined to find his treat. But getting what he wants isn’t as easy as he’d imagined. His search for them gets him into all sorts of trouble and danger.

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Mango Bay

Jeffrey Taylor seems to lead a charmed life. He has a new lively and affluent wife, lives in an enviable home, and holidays in exotic destinations. For Jeffrey, this isn’t enough. Superficially he’s an agreeable business man, but there’s a much darker side to him.

His wife pays for them to holiday at a luxurious hotel on Mango Bay, in the Caribbean. There, she suffers a stroke due of Jeffrey’s self-centred behaviour. Outwardly, he sympathises; but privately he revels in his new found freedom. He leaves his wife in medical care and seeks out some of the delights the tropical island can offer.

In ruthlessly pursuing his new found freedom, sometimes by illegal means, he makes enemies. When his body washes up in Mango Bay, it’s not clear to all who knew him whether it’s an accidental drowning, or something more sinister.

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A Little Slice of Paradise

Many dream of leaving the rat-race behind in exchange for warm breezes, vibrant-coloured vegetation, and enticing white sandy beaches. Cassandra and Mark are no exception. They fall in love with the island of Sainte Marie in the Caribbean; and are eager to invest their savings in a secondary home there. Little do they realise what they are getting involved with; and they are drawn into a web of deceit and corruption.

The story unfolds by moving between some of the characters linked to their purchase: the property developers, other investors, and islanders of Sainte Marie.  Unfortunately, some of those involved are prepared to bend their ethics near to illegality to achieve their goals. Conflicts abound. Will Cassandra and Mark’s aspirations of a dream home on a paradise island turn into a nightmare?


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Le Chèvre en Folie


Published in French, by CPE Editions, in 2011

The distinctive tart flavour of goats’ cheese makes it a great favourite around the world. Some consider it a healthier product than cheese made with cows’ milk.  It has less lactose, lower levels of sodium, smaller amounts of saturated fats and cholesterol; but is similar in vitamins and mineral content to cows’ cheese.

France boasts fifteen regions where ‘Fromage de Chèvre, Appelation d’ Origine Protégé’, is produced in a very clearly defined and regulated way. Le Chèvre en Folie explores these regional products and gives recipes for each.

Cynthea Gregory’s cookbook illustrates what a versatile product goats’ cheese is—it’s great for any meal of the day, any day, or for that something really special. She shares her own creations, some inspired by international dishes, in over a hundred delicious and unusual recipes.

See two recipes from Le Chèvre en Folie, translated into English.


Poires et Coings

Published in French by CPE Editions in 2013

Cynthea Gregory hadn’t eaten quince before moving to France. There, she discovered two quince trees in her garden. When the fruits ripened in autumn, they smelt delicious. But asking her neighbours what she could do with them, the only proposal they came up with was quince jelly.

This cookbook is the result of her investigations and experiments of how the versatile fruit could be used. She teamed it with another of her favourite fruits—the pear. The result is nearly a hundred recipes for every occasion, from brunch to party food, conserves to dishes designed with children in mind. Impassioned by the possibilities of pears and quince, the author also describes some of her visits to producers of renowned French delicacies manufactured from the fruits.

See two recipes from Poires et Coings translated into English.


Le Fromage de Chèvre

Published in French by CPE Editions in 2015.

There’s something unique about the taste of goats’ cheese. It can turn a mundane dish into something just that little bit different and special. It also has many health benefits compared to  cheese made from cows’ milk.

If you enjoy the tangy flavour of this possibly undervalued product, this is the cookbook for you. It contains nearly eighty tried and tested recipes which incorporate the cheese and some unexpected ingredients. Discover many easy-to-make, imaginative, and healthy recipes; suitable for anything from everyday meals, to that very special occasion.

While living in the Loire Valley, the author was surrounded by many goats farms and cheese producers. She became engrossed in the possibilities of this versatile product. With her love of fine food and international cuisine, she experimented with local goats’ cheeses and others from around France to create a wealth of her own recipes. In this cookbook, she shares some of her favourites.

See two recipes from Le Fromage de Chèvre translated into English.