Cynthea Gregory

Recent Art Work

    Mother’s Love                  Coloured Pencils



 Walking the Dog                                                Acrylic

King of the River                       Acrylic Ink

Bright, Blue Woods                 Gouache

Curious Otter                  Watercolour

Honest, it wasn’t me               Graphite Drawing

Seaton Wetlands            Watercolour

Sidmouth Sunset                Acrylic

September Gold – East Hill         Watercolour

Take me back to Bottom Bay      Acrylic    Sold

Young Zebra        Watercolour        Sold


Commended at OVAS Exhibition 2021

November           Watercolour         Sold


Winning Watercolour at OVAS Exhibition Aug 2022

Sunday Brunch       Watercolour      Sold

Pondering Monkey               Acrylic

On the Rocks         Watercolour

Amazonian Hyacynth Macau    Watercolour